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Cerrahi Malzemeler


Başarılı İş İnsanı Portresi

Within Barışhan Medical Defense, all our customers are assured of quality products and services at affordable prices. Whatever medical equipment you need, we make an extra effort to meet your special demands and wishes in this store where you can find everything you are looking for. As the leading Medical Defense Products Store in Turkey, our main goal has always been to exceed the expectations of our customers. We have been serving with this understanding since its establishment in 2022 and we continue to assure our customers and business partners that we will maintain the superior quality expected from us. You can get your free price quote by calling us now.

We have participated in the activities on "BARIŞHAN MEDICAL DEFENSE" technologies in 2011, in programs including research projects on orthopedic surgical materials in the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department of Bursa Uludağ University for more than 5 years. In 2019, service deliveries were made in various rural regions of Turkey. Research and development activities and service provision on trauma surgery equipment were carried out by us for the Orthopedics and Traumatology department in the largest training and research Hospitals in Istanbul between 2020-2022. Barışhan Medical Defense Machinery Industry products were established in the 2nd quarter of 2022 and started to work on projects aimed at developing the medical defense industry sector.

Along with the supply of sanitary equipment and supplies for the battlefield on the front line, primarily defense personnel are required to perform emergency/surgical interventions.It is aimed to install the equipment.

It covers the production and marketing of medical kits and Sahara health consumables in the form of pending brand "Travma Care®" products, a patent initiative within our body.

Başarılı İş İnsanı Portresi


Barışhan Medikal Defense, which is a distinguished name in the supply of Military Medical Equipment and Surgical vehicles, brings together medical products equipped with the latest technology in the field of defense from all over the world. We provide the possibility of self-intervention . We aim to increase the quality of service offered in forefront and field conditions.

Image by National Cancer Institute
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You can see the use of our led surgical loupe glasses product from the professional microsurgery product range of Barışhan Medical brand; during a microsurgical operation, a case of our founder Op. Dr. Fatih Canşah Barışhan. 

During microsurgical and microvascular operations, you can safely use our operating room microscope or high-powered magnifying glasses in terms of quality comfort of use to assist surgical techniques.

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